World Textile Art is one of the most respected contemporary textile art organizations worldwide. It celebrates its 20th anniversary during its 7th Biennial in Montevideo, 2017.

WTA was founded in 1997 by renown artist Pilar Tobón, with the support of The Latin American Art Museum in Miami and approximately 30 artists from various nooks of the world. Initially named, "Women In Textile Art," it later crossed the gender barrier to become World Textile Art, or simply, WTA. The Organization supports textile creators from all over the world, from an endless supply of formats. Its main objective is the development and exhibition of this art through biennials and special events. It also promotes various expositions, simposia, seminars, classes, and fairs within the same artistic genre, thereby encouraging awareness, appreciation, and practice of textile endeavors. Part of the great success of WTA, is directly linked to the support from great artistic creators at world level—not only due to their participation but also thanks to their generosity in teaching and public relations matters—opening the doors of various museums and cities. Each event continues to be greater than the last, and the presence of its Honorary Members is already felt in all continents in over 75 countries


PRESIDENT - Pilar Tobon

VICE PRESIDENT - Laura Ferrando

DIRECTOR - Yosi Anaya

DIRECTOR - Maria Ortega

DIRECTOR - Martha Liliana Alvarez

DIRECTOR - Maria Teresa Pagola


SPAIN - Maria Ortega

POLAND - Dora Hara

TURKEY - Biret Tavman

GERMANY - Beatriz Schaaf

RUSSIA - Natalia Tsevetkova


GO MVP - Andres Giraldo