A Worldwide Network

World Textile Art's network extends to all continents, not only by exhibiting and promoting the work of thousand of our artists, but also by taking their work to tens of countries worldwide.

Contemporary textile art continues to be one of the fastest growing plastic arts and also one of the most attractive in the world. The most important galeries in the world along with museums and other organizations continue to open their doors to these type of events as they attract large masses of people. Floor sculptures, wall pieces and event hanging models are just few of the many type of expressions that you can find in a textile art exhibition. World Textile Art has an extremely important role by continuing to support and promote artists from all over the world. The 6 Biennials that have been hosted so far, along with tens of events and the up-comming Triennial, will continue to set up the bases for an even brighter future. You may contienue to read more about our Organization by clicking below.


Who we are, what we do best, and the importance of our events.

About WTA

WTA was born in Miami on 1997 by World Class Artist Pilar Tobon with the support of the Latin Ameircan Art Museum of Miami, and over 30 other artists from all over the world. Initially it was founded as Women on Textile Art, and several years later became World Textile Art. World Textil Art (WTA) is an organization that supports and helps Textile artists from all over the world and in all of its different formats. It has as its main objective to help the development and the showcase of the art expression through its Biennials and special events. It also supports and develops fourums, seminars, classes and conventions exclusively dedicated to take the art to the rest of the world and educate not only practitioners but also art lovers. The great success has been possible due to the collaboration of some of the most recognized artists in the world but also by some of the most important icons of other art expressions who constantly support the cause. Mostly the organization's growth is a result of the commitment of all the honorary members and other practitioners who dedicate their time and knowledge to ellevate the quality of each event and each seminar.


WTA Biennials are international expositions of contemporary textile art along with an agenda of education and culture led by the most important icons of the Textile Art World. IT takes place every two years in different parts of the world. The event is organized through a very complex selection process which selects the most important and best art pieces to participate in the event. World class curators and guest judges are part of a unique art and culture event that has already visited North, Central and South America since its creation. Every Biennial attracts some of the most important people of the textile world who are gather togetherd in seminars, special events, fairs and workshops. Each Biennial has attracted artists from all the continents and has left an important footprint in each of the cities that have hosted the event. Along with all the art and culture being shared in each event, the organization has commited not only funds but also time and other types of resources to help the blind people become part of the wonderful world of textiles. Workshops and special events have been very emotionals and filled with energy and spirit to help others. Each Binnial has left an important colume of content both visual and as documents that allow the world of Textile Art to grow and gain the respect of people all over the world. Each Biennial has produced a beautiful book that can be purchased online, illustrating some of the most wonderful art pieces you have ever seen.

World Class Events

From the early beginings of the Organization (Women on Textile Art back then) several things have identified each of the events and encounters, and that is a sense of character from the art pieces of all the pieces from all the different continents, giving a unique sense of originality but mostly providing a solid educational document capable of elevating the knowledge of the discpipline and the amazing quality of all the participaing pieces. Even though the initial goal of the organization was to elevate the image of the art in Latin America compared to the rest of the world, the organization slowly has been opening itself to the rest of the world, to such an extent that we are now present in many European countries and we have an active agenda in other parts of the world as well. World Textile Art has also become the tradition for the Textle Elite who gathered ever two years in the Biennials but also have taken a role of leaders in their own countries helping the growth of the Organization but most importantly helping the growth of Textile Art. Museums, Cultural Centers, Shools and Universities are constantly hosting WTA events along with Textile Art Events fron our members and supporters.